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Located among the sandstone formation, the Historic Preservation Department (HPD) is based in Window Rock, Arizona. The main office building was built in the 1950's. The building was renovated to house the Historic Preservation Department in 2000. Within a walking distance of the main office is the Navajo Nation Council Chambers and the Office of the President and Vice President of the Navajo Nation.

On October 2015, the Historic Preservation Department merged with the former Navajo Nation Archaeology Department to provide heritage management services for the Navajo people. Thus, two branch offices merged to form the current Heritage and Historic Preservation Department (HHPD).

The merging of the two departments will enhance the heritage management aspect of Navajo historic preservation, cultivate the traditional culture program, and secure the cultural resources compliance section by protecting, maintaining, and balancing Navajo cultural heritage for the Navajo people.


Contact Information

Navajo Heritage & Historic Preservation Department
Navajo Boulevard, W008-247, Building 4
P.O. Box 4950
Window Rock, Arizona  86515
Phone:    928.871.7198/7139
Fax:       928.871.7886
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