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Welcome to the CRCS GIS Section

The Navajo Nation Heritage and Historic Preservation Departments’ (NNHHPD) Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Section was established to provide necessary GIS services to its’ internal sections, with spatial information, digitized documents, and/or accurate GIS data on their needs relevant to their work in helping Federal, State, and Tribal entities requiring information related to Archaeological, Traditional Cultural Properties (TCP), and Highly Sensitive areas across the Navajo Nation in the most effective way possible. 

With the tools required, the GIS Section has assisted HHPD with the continued digitization of their legacy data which has primarely consisted of  paper maps and documents.  With the scanning and digitization of paper maps and various paper documents, HHPD's current archaeology database known as the NihiDatabase is steadily growing and in time will have all the paper records in its' system. 




Contact Information

Navajo Heritage & Historic Preservation Department
Navajo Boulevard, W008-247, Building 4
P.O. Box 4950
Window Rock, Arizona  86515
Phone:    928.871.7198/7139
Fax:       928.871.7886
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