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The Heritage and Historic Preservation Department (HHPD) was established in October of 2016, by combining two existing departments Historic Preservation Department (HPD) - Resolution No. GSCMA-05-04, and the Navajo Nation Archaeology Department (NNAD) - Resolution No. GSCAU-59-94.  HPD has always been the regulatory body responsible for protection, preservation, and management of cultural resources within the Navajo Nation, and NNAD was established to provide cultural resources services to the Navajo Nation, its’ Divisions, Departments, and its’ people.

Due to budget shortfalls, it was necessary for NNAD to merge with HPD, and thus the Heritage and Historic Preservation Department (HHPD) – Resolution No. RDCO-79-16, was Established.  This resolution amended the original HPD – GSCMA-05-04 to include a Tribal Historic Preservation Officer (THPO) and combined the activities of the BIA 638 Contracts (Field Services) under one Department.  The current organizational chart and Resolution RDCO-79-16 can be downloaded below.

Click here for Organizational Chart (PDF)

Click Here For Resolution RDCO-79-16 (PDF)


Contact Information

Navajo Heritage & Historic Preservation Department
Navajo Boulevard, W008-247, Building 4
P.O. Box 4950
Window Rock, Arizona  86515
Phone:    928.871.7198/7139
Fax:       928.871.7886
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